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Burke Chevrolet
Sales: (855) 222-0819
Service: (855) 267-3445
200 N King Street, Northampton, MA

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  • Dealership Contacts (855) 222-0819
    • Bryan Burke Photo
      Bryan Burke
  • Sales (855) 222-0819
    • Mike Oleksak Photo
      Mike Oleksak
      Sales Manager
    • Tony Tosoni Photo
      Tony Tosoni
      Business Manager
    • Larry Caputo Photo
      Larry Caputo
      Sales Associate
    • Ryan Brewer Photo
      Ryan Brewer
      Sales Associate
    • Mac Macdonald Photo
      Mac Macdonald
      Sales Associate
  • Service (855) 267-3445
    • Jeff Robinson Photo
      Jeff Robinson
      Service Manager
    • Pete Seymour Photo
      Pete Seymour
      Service Advisor
  • Parts (855) 222-0819
    • Frank G  Kent Photo
      Frank G  Kent
      Parts Manager
    • Dave Mollison Photo
      Dave Mollison
      Parts Clerk